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Greetings and thank you for checking in for our latest updates. We are still working diligently to open as soon as the County of Alameda Health Department will allow us to. As most of you may know, the governor is setting guidelines for reopening businesses in California. However, each specific county regulates their guidelines and Alameda County has not allowed gyms to reopen yet. According to their continuum on the website, we are two steps away from reopening.
We’ve run into road blocks with our outdoor fitness classes. The county is saying members may not come inside to use restrooms. The area on the north side of the building, by Michaels, is gravel and is unsafe to hold classes at this time. We still hope to hold outdoor classes in the future and are looking at resurfacing that area for safe use.
Large equipment throughout the club is scheduled to be moved next week to allow for social distancing. The layout we have designed will allow for us to keep at least 90% of our equipment available for use when we reopen.
Alameda County seems to have been one step behind Contra Costa County in terms of opening businesses and Contra Costa County is allowing gyms to reopen on July 1st.
STAY TUNED AND CHECK BACK REGULARY – as we will post any updates as we get them from Alameda County.

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