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We hope all of our members and their families are doing well and staying healthy during this very unique and challenging time. Thank you for checking back with us as we have some updates to share with you.

MSAC is very excited to announce the schedule for Outdoor Fitness Classes starting on Monday 7/13. Signups for the classes are available online only at

You will need to create an account on Appointy. The classes are all 60 minutes in length and cost $15.

The only payment type we can accept at this point through the website is Paypal. You will have to create an account with Paypal if you don’t already have one – you can do that at

We can’t wait to start seeing our members again, albeit on a limited basis.

— Other Club related news —
As many of you probably already know, Governor Newsome has scaled back his plans on how he will reopen California and has even taken a step backwards in several counties. Most of these did not affect Alameda County as we were not allowed to open the things he has ordered to close again. It has, unfortunately, had a great effect on us in terms of when gyms will be allowed to open by drastically slowing down the process to get to those sectors in the community open for business.

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